Timeless Stewardship

Pray In order to achieve a Stewardship way of life, we first need to create a conversion of the heart and mind. Devote “alone time” with God to build that relationship. Through prayer, discern what your gifts are Dedicate time to pray, attend Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, reading scripture, meditate

Participate Stewardship is using the spiritual gifts God has given each one of us individually to build up the body of Christ and together accomplish the mission God has for us. You grow spiritually by sharing your gifts and talents in your community of faith. Join a ministry, a group, a mission, give of yourself.

Provide God calls the church to serve and assist the Body of Christ and those in need; we are asked to prayerfully discern how God has uniquely gifted us; reflect; decide how we plan to share these gifts; and make an intentional, planned and proportionate gift to God and His Church.

Proclaim We give thanks and show our gratitude as a parish to everyone who participates. Through our gratitude we keep Stewardship at our parish and in our homes alive.